Support for Esophageal Patients from the BDU Family

BDU Family participated in the Painting Exhibition to Support Esophageal Patients. The group exhibition of painter Tülin Kanun and young talent Zeynep Bengüsu Sağlam took place in the Liv Hospital Foyer Area in Vadiistanbul. On behalf of BDU; President Musa Karademir, Vice Presidents Musa Soysal and Tahir Taş, Secretary General Aslı Gültekin, Kuwait Representative Nalan Özkan and Qatar Representative Recep Demir attended. The proceeds from the sale of the exhibited paintings were donated to the TROAD Association to support esophageal patients. Recep Demir also supported the project by purchasing a painting on behalf of BDU. Celebrities such as Wilma Elles, Muammer Kapucuoğlu and Mert Öcal also participated in the exhibition.