Young BDU

Professions are changing in the WORLD. Career plans are changing. The business world is evolving in a completely different direction. Therefore, it is very important for young people to get to know and adapt to the new world.

Our aim; Apart from the education life and education life, it is to support and mentor young people both in social and business life.

Young BDU is an organization established to strengthen the integration of young people who plan their career and enter social life with the world, increase their socialization, and offer global and practical experiences.

Young BDUs; As a member of the “Youth Club”, they will benefit from various opportunities and advantages. During university education, outside of class hours, activities and social projects GIVE young people new and powerful experiences. It enables to look at the world from a different point of view and to be individuals who are open to change.

BDU Youth Club Activities

Preparation for Student Exchange Programs


Support for Entrepreneurship and R&D Studies


Participation in Social Projects


Professional Career Process Consultancy


Project Management Consultancy


B2B Meeting Opportunities with the Business World


Participation in National and International Organizations


Mentoring Service


Fund (Angel Investor) Support
Certified Training Programs Opportunity


Internship Opportunities