We are passing through an important turning point. Our world is on the brink of change and transformation. Those who realize this change and transformation are advanced and post-industrial societies. What carries societies forward is the “Free Entrepreneurship Spirit”.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, producing only a project does not come to mind. Entrepreneurship is an ecosystem with integrity. Entrepreneurship and related components are a culture and this culture has not yet settled in Turkey.

In our country, in addition to the inadequacy of the budget allocated for R&D from GNP, serious problems are experienced in the efficient, efficient, transparent and impartial use of resources, and the money spent on R&D does not turn into products that generate patents and create added value. For this, we should work on R&D studies, project production, nanotechnologies, objective creative industries that will contribute to our country.

Our aim; pre-incubation, incubation and startup process and afterwards; To evaluate all modules from Educational, Managerial, Financial and Investment Processes to supportive, fair, impartial, transparent, accountable and universal integrity.

With a win-win philosophy; We Created “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Business and Management Model”. While doing this work, we will also bring a new approach to this structure and encourage all players to rethink and train.

Our Goal;

  • To Improve Entrepreneurship Culture by Putting “Entrepreneur-Friendly” Business and Investment Models That We Will Establish “Trust-Oriented” with All Our Stakeholders in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
  • Creating Funds for social support projects and incubation/entrepreneurship support
  • (Entrepreneurship Investment Support Fund)
  • Finding Local / Foreign Investors / Partners for entrepreneurship projects that are likely to turn into investment.

Our Basic Slogan;

  • Curiosity, Imagination, Inspiration and Creativity
  • To do all kinds of studies on R&D issues.
  • To provide opportunities for startups for pre-incubation / incubation center and entrepreneurship.
  • To create a top level and high quality mentoring pool.
  • To develop the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Motivating young entrepreneurs, being role models and making them feel that they are in a climate of trust in our foundation.
  • Finding honest and open angel investors
  • To create the “Ethical Values” of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
  • To bring a new perspective to the innovation culture.
  • Establishing Centers such as Future Center, Center of Excellence.
  • In the field of Entrepreneurship; cooperating with public institutions, local administrations, universities, international organizations, business world and NGOs at home and abroad and organizing events such as congresses, panels, seminars, conferences, fairs.

Our Business Model;

To evaluate and conclude the projects of entrepreneurs impartially with free, objective and rational approaches. The project belongs to soap. In any case, eliminated projects will not be subsequently used by BDU for profit. The basic principle in projects is the principle of patents and products that create added value. Owners of successful projects (startups) are never victimized.

  • Investment feasibility (business plan) and executive summary (executive summary) of successful projects are prepared and the project’s return on investment is calculated.
  • Project Finance is provided by the Venture Capital Model.
  • When the project investment starts, it becomes a partner in the project and
  • After getting back the financing invested in the project with a profitability ratio, it transfers all the shares of the company to the project owner (Startup).
  • However, in order to support new projects, the company donates 10% of its net profit to BDU for a period of 5 years.