Abroad Representatives


BDU’s “Global Brand” is represented at home and abroad. Respected and qualified persons in accordance with the establishment objectives, principles, values, vision and mission are elected as “Representatives”.

BDUshares its political, economic, diplomatic and social power with the whole world, through Representatives.

BDU; all knowledge and cooperation power; It aims to create a new “BDU ECOSYSTEM” by expanding it through Country, Region, Province and District REPRESENTATIVES.

Representation Advantages

  • Attending United Nations Meetings,
  • Developing Own Business Fields and Increasing Export Potentials by Participating in Meetings in the European Union (Council, Commission, Parliament, etc.),
  • Benefiting from BDU’s Domestic and Foreign Trade Network (Network),
  • Participation in Establishing Common Links, Developing Trade, Creating an Investment and Cooperation Opportunity,
  • Participation in All National and International Organizations Organized or Participated by BDU,
  • Foreign Trade, Competition, Country/Sector Market Research, Branding, Personal Development, Sales Techniques, Time Management, Diplomacy, Meeting Management, Corporate Development, Entrepreneurship, R&D etc. Providing Support on Issues,
  • Continuous Support for Participation in International Fairs and All Government Supports,
  • Researching the Legal Legislation and Investment Supports of Foreign Countries,
  • One-to-One (O2O) Meeting Opportunities with Foreign Companies on Investment, Purchase and Sale of Goods,