High Arts Council


Fashion/Designer and Director of the BDU Higher Arts Council


Painter. Owner/Curator of “Our Pioneering Women Exhibition”


Private Sisli Theatre Owner

In order to ensure that the creative and original works of the art and culture ecosystem are carried to universal levels, to support artistic production, to contribute to the promotion of culture and art at the national and international level, and to create environments to exhibit, perform and publish original works of artists, within the framework of the decision taken at the BDU Ordinary General Assembly and the “Working Methods and Principles Regulations” prepared by the Board of Directors and the “High Arts Council (YÜSAK)” was established.

YUSAK (HIGH ART INSTITUTE) Establishment Objectives

  • To establish a “High Art Institute” and make an effort to make this institution a world-class “Ecole”,
  • Under the umbrella of art and culture; to organize cinema, theater, music, opera, ballet, dance, painting, sculpture, European and world folklore, ethnic culture shows and to support research in these fields,
  • To ensure that culture and art, as well as contemporary art, are introduced to the world on a global scale,
  • The unifying and reconciling power of art helps societies get to know each other. Based on this motto, to bring together Turkish and world-class cultural and artistic production with art lovers,
  • To be the closest supporter of Turkish art and artists, to provide funds for the studies to be carried out in line with these purposes,
  • To strive for the development of contemporary art,
  • To support creativity in culture and art with innovative and contemporary approaches,
  • To create policies for the development of contemporary art,
  • Organizing conferences, panels, seminars related to art at national and international level,
  • To establish a permanent “Art Gallery”,
  • Organizing workshops for art lovers and bringing together artists and amateur artists,
  • Art education, temporary art programs, academic studies, organizing activities,
  • To collaborate and produce joint projects with the world’s art centers,
  • To work for the protection and development of art, to develop the concept of “Contemporary Arts Biennial”.

Our YUSAK Project: It is to build a “High Art Council Village” where science, art, culture, philosophy, diplomacy can be done and every artist and thinker feel special and free. There will be hobby gardens, study workshops, discussion areas, multi-purpose performing arts halls, art galleries, libraries and resting rooms in this village.