About Us

BDU International Association of Businessperson and Diplomats; It is a non-governmental organization founded by businesspeople, diplomats, academics, journalists, politicians, artists and pillars of the society.

The Founders of BDU have knowledge, experience and vision dating back more than 20 years. Each member of BDU works in various organizations such as foundations, associations, platforms, trade unions in addition to BDU. Likewise, each member has attended many conferences, panels and summits at national and international level.

The world we live in is changing rapidly. This dizzying change with the digital age and the spread of knowledge to the wider set off new social and economic transformations.

In all areas of our culture and civilization; Economy, politics, diplomacy, education, culture and art, science, technology, law, production, consumption, and values are restructured, and concepts change and gain new meanings.

BDU-International Association of Businessperson and Diplomats was established as a new generation NGO formation by recognizing these codes of the changing and transforming new world correctly. New concepts and rules can coexist with new insights. Time is the beginning of the digital age and it is “time to act accordingly”.

The main purpose of BDU is the development of global trade and the protection of world peace. It creates environments where economic and commercial collaborations, investments and opportunities can be used for humanity to live in a sustainable environment, integrated with nature and stable.

Principles of BDU

  • Carries out activities that contribute to the new economic transformation in the world.
  • Develops strategies to provide new opportunity areas and collaborations with development potential among existing economic systems.
  • Leads the development of commercial and diplomatic relations among all stakeholders.
  • Takes preventive precautions to solve problems in crisis environments.
  • Works for a sustainable future in the world by lobbying and making diplomatic initiatives on this issue.
  • Develops and supports and supports social beneficial projects at national and international level.
  • For a world befitting human dignity; It works against all kinds of discrimination. It believes that democracy, rule of law, equality, fundamental rights and freedoms are basic values of humanity.
  • Supports entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial projects in a way that reduces income inequality between classes.
  • Aim to ensure equality of opportunity, the dissemination of technology in education and supporting the access of education and knowledge to all people by encouraging the use of new generation educational technologies.
  • Organizes activities that contribute to the strengthening of art in order to reveal the cultural richness of human civilization.
  • Studies to identify social problems that exist or probable in the future in the changing world and cooperates with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about those problems.
  • Organizes national and international meetings such as conferences, panels, symposiums, summits and B2B meetings. It develops projects and publishes research reports, social analyzes and books.
  • Cooperates and collaboration with international institutions and organizations within the framework of values and strategies of BDU.

Elite and honorable members of BDU; In order to create a better future for the humanity close by a new age; It carries out activities “in the spirit of common struggle and cooperation / coalition” for its goals by bringing together the economic and diplomatic dynamics it has.

BDU is an NGO that aims at integration, believes in digital transformation, has internalized governance, knows the importance of sustainable energy, supports the new economy and social change, defends new consumer rights, works for a sustainable future, and is deeply bound with the values of the European Union.

BDU works on issues such as business world, economy, diplomacy, culture and arts, education, youth, entrepreneurship, technology, digital age, global climate change, migration and terrorism.

Some Studies of BDU

  • International Future University: With in BDU was established www.bireyseluniversite.org.tr to provide online certified trainings. There are 100 different training programs. Diplomacy School, Self-Improvement, Lifelong Learning, Entrepreneurship, Project Management are some of them.
  • High Arts Council: This Council, which was established to organize cultural and artistic events, will organize concerts, theater events, exhibitions and develop projects.
  • Leader Training Program: We have developed a program that will train students who are prepared for the future with an innovative perspective and in accordance with the requirements of the digital age. This program is a 120-hour program that includes about 15 different trainings. Trainings will be given on www.infu.com.tr
  • BDU Youth Club: It was established to encourage young people to participate in non-governmental organizations and to support their professional careers. Trainings will be given on www.infu.com.tr
  • Education Academy: It provides training to university students, managers, non-governmental organizations, employees such as Project Cycle Management, Digital Transformation and Digital Future, Entrepreneurship, Career Planning, Lifelong Learning. Besides, it mentors young people in planning their future.
  • Network: A business network will be established that will bring together businesspeople who trade and want to invest.

BDU awards “High Merit Medal Award” to people or organizations who are respected worldwide and successful in different subjects such as Science, Technology, Culture-Art, Sports, Education.

BDU 2021-2030 Period Business Plan

Lobbying and Diplomacy


Strong Dialogue with the United Nations


Cooperation with International Institutions and Organizations


Social Projects Development


Culture and Art Diplomacy


Deepening EU-Turkey Relations and Customs Union


Opening Regional and Provincial Representations throughout Turkey


Certified Training Programs


Economic Diplomacy


Organizations” at National and International Level


Opening New Representation around the World