Education Academy

Education Academy is a program prepared by BDU at international standards. The aim of this program, prepared with the motto “Education is Life”; To contribute to society by gathering educational activities under a single roof.

Our door is open to everyone who believes in the power of education, including students, academicians, researchers, project developers, entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, managers and members of non-governmental organizations, company employees, executive candidates, employees in public institutions, and those who want to strengthen their personal development.

BDU Education Academy is an organization that has been brought to life with the “Lifelong Learning Logic” and aims to ensure that all segments of the society benefit from educational opportunities. These trainings will be both in the professional field and in the academic field.

Believing that information should be distributed to all stakeholders of the society, BDU will organize “Certified Trainings” within the framework of the Cooperation Protocol with the International Future University ( ), based on this principle.