Order of High Merit

Humanity, which consists of the distillation and infiltration of ancient civilizations, culture, civilization and traditions, has always supported and applauded “success”. Based on this motto, BDU; decided to reward “Individuals and Organizations Creating Value for Humanity”. For this purpose, by BDU; “High Order of Merit,” has been designed. This engagement, national and international level; It is a highly prestigious award given to individuals or organizations.

High Order of Merit; It is given within the framework of the “Award Regulation” prepared by the Board of Directors with the BDU Ordinary General Assembly Decision.


Connotation of the Order of Merit

Worked for the Benefit of Humanity,


Inspiring Leader,


Showed sacrifice,


Contributing to the World of the Future,


Setting an Example for Humanity,


The Pioneer of the Modern World,




Direction Indicator,


Keeper of Peace and Welfare,


Creating Awareness with Their Works,


    Stable, Reputable, Decisive,    

It is given to individuals or institutions:


Award Regulations

  • Candidates at national and international level, to be awarded with the High Order of Merit, are determined by the BDU Board of Directors.
  • Board of Directors; The reasons for the selection of the candidates determined and their justifications are written and sent to the “Selection Committee” in a sealed and stamped envelope.
  • Selection Committee; within 7 days, by evaluating, minimum “1” and maximum “5” candidates are awarded.
  • A notification is sent to the candidate (s) with the High Order of Merit by a letter by the Board of Directors.

High Order of Merit Award Ceremony

  • Date, day, time and place of the award ceremony are determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Award-Winning Persons / Organizations sit in the special section prepared for them.
  • The guests sit in the designated places according to the protocol order.
  • The ceremony starts with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board. Later, The Chairman of the Selection Committee announces the names deemed worthy of the High Order of Merit, one by one, together with their reasons.
  • The Individuals / Organizations deemed worthy of the award come in order and receive their awards.
  • Award-Winning Persons / Organizations make a “5-Minute Speech”.
  • The ceremony ends with the cocktail given to the guests.

High Order of Merit

The Award consists of a specially designed red-white striped medal and a red velvet covered certificate.