Leadership Program

Leadership Training Program

The Leader Training Program is a training program created with the aim of supporting talented and successful students who are at the university student age. It is open to everyone at the national and international level. The language of instruction of LİYEP, which will be conducted online within the framework of the Cooperation Protocol with the International Future University ( http://www.infu.com.tr ); It is in Turkish and English.

Leadership Training Program Admission Requirements

  • Being between the ages of 20-30,
  • Being in the 3rd or 4th year of a State or Foundation University,
  • Graduating from one of the Undergraduate Programs of State or Foundation Universities,
  • Being a Master’s or Doctorate Student at State or Foundation Universities,
  • Knowing At Least One Foreign Language,
  • Grade average; Being between BB (3.00 or 70-89), BA (3.50 or 80-89), AA (4.00 or 90-100),
  • Being in at least 1 Social Activity (such as Student Associations) or participating in Social Responsibility Projects during the University Student Period,
  • Participating in one of the Certified Training Programs during the University Student Period,

Description: There is a Special Application for Students Studying or Graduating in any of the Associate Degree Programs.

Leader Training Program Admission Process

  • Students / Persons with Admission Requirements Make their Identity Information, Criminal Records, Online Application via BDU Web Page ( www.bduinternational.org ), along with the Documents Certifying Their Status.
  • Application Dates are Announced on the BDU Web Page ( www.bduinternational.org ).
  • After the Applications are Reviewed, Pre-Accepted Students/Persons are Taken for an Oral Interview.
  • After the Oral Interview, the Students/Individuals Accepted to the Leadership Training Program are notified via E-Mail and SMS.
  • “Letter of Undertaking” is signed with the students accepted to LİYEP.

Leader Training Program Courses

 Politology (Political Science)


Global Advocacy and Mediation


Strategic Solution Management


Introduction to International Relations


Lobbying, Diaspora Management and Persuasion Techniques


Effective Communication, Speech, Oratory and Body Language


International Organizations


Protocol Correspondence Techniques


Effective Presentation Techniques


Overview of General Culture and World Political History


Human Rights and Democracy


Dress Code, Business Behavior, Etiquette and Table Manners


Art and Aesthetic Perspective


Conflict Management


Internalizing Change and Transformation


Diplomacy History


Motivation Management


Method and Methodology


Diplomacy Methods and Processes and Diplomatic Negotiation Management


Meeting and Time Management


Government Systems


Getting a Diploma in Leader Training Program

  • There is an obligation to attend classes.
  • Students Participating in Education Cannot Submit More Than 2 Excuses.
  • After the Excuse Statement, They Have to Take the Lessons They Didn’t Take on the Appropriate Date.
  • Students Taking All Courses Are Subject to Exam.
  • Apart from the exam, students are also obliged to prepare a “Completion Thesis” in accordance with Scientific Research Methods.

Leader Training Program Benefits

  • BDU Young Club Membership and then BDU Full Membership,
  • Network Opportunity with World Wide Universities, Business People, R&D, Entrepreneurship World,
  • Benefiting from BDU Business World Network and B2B Opportunities with Business People,
  • Professional Career Planning, Internship Training at Home and Abroad, Employment Opportunities,
  • Right to Participate in International Meetings, Forms, Summits, Panels and Conferences, especially the United Nations and the European Union,
  • Technical and Financial Support Services in Entrepreneurship, Project Development and Other Subjects,
  • Participation in International Social Projects,


Students who complete the courses in the Leadership Training Program, get 70 or more points in the exam,

and complete the final homework, He is entitled to receive the “BDU Leadership Diploma”.