EODP Turkey Presidency Office Opened in Istanbul Hancıoğlu Mansion

The European Organization for Peace and Development (EODP) Turkey Representative Office, which works under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom (UK), started its activities in Istanbul. Official Opening; In September 2022…

In April 2022, BDU signed a “Protocol” based on long-term, deep-rooted and deep cooperation with the London-based EODP-European Organization for Peace and Development, one of the world’s most respected international organizations. Within the framework of the Protocol signed by BDU Vice President Nalan Özkan and EODP Secretary General Dr. Mohammed Al Araby in Kuwait, EODP’s Turkey Office was opened at Hancıoğlu Mansion.

The EODP is accredited to many international organizations, especially the United Nations, the European Union, Transparency Organization. EODP, which includes York University and Wales Academy, also works in the field of education.

BDU and EODP will be together on joint projects on different topics such as “peace, development, civil diplomacy, commercial cooperation, education, social services, hunger, poverty, gender equality”.