BDU Fully Supports Turkey’s Most Powerful Consumer Confederation

In the defense of consumer rights, Turkey’s most powerful confederation was established in Ankara in October 2022 with the coming together of 4 different consumer rights defender federations. Mehmet Bulent Deniz, President of the Federation of Consumers’ Union, Aziz Kocal, President of the Federation of Consumer Associations, Osman Ilhan, President of the Federation of Consumer and Environmental Rights and Musa Karademir, President of the Consumer Rights and Competition Law Federation, who came together for the establishment of the Consumers’ Confederation Confederation, whose short name is TUKON, signed the Confederation Charter and created the largest consumer confederation ecosystem in Turkey.

BDU gives its full support to the newly formed Confederation of Consumers. The protection of consumer rights is a universal issue. In the new era where digital transformation begins, BDU will also play a role in solving the problems that the consumers of the future will face.