BDU and EODP, have Decided to Extend the Cooperation Protocol they Signed Until 2025

The Cooperation Protocol signed in 2021 between the Organization for European Peace and Development and the BDU, which works under the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom (UK), will continue until 2025.

Within the framework of the Cooperation Protocol, the international accreditation and memberships of EODP will also be used by BDU.

The International Accreditations of EODP

  • United Nations (ECOSEC) Accreditation

  • European Union Accreditation

  • World Youth Council Accreditation

  • European Transparency Accreditation

  • United Kingdom Non Goverment Organization (UKNGO) Accreditation

  • World Diplomatic For Justice And Peace Organization (WDJPO) Accreditation

Musa Karademir became the President of EODP Turkey and Nalan Ozkan and Erdal Can Alkoclar will continue to be the Board Members.

In addition, Musa Karademir, Nalan Ozkan and Erdal Can Alkoclar’s “EODP Goodwill Ambassador” Titles for Peace and Diplomacy will continue.

The First Cooperation Protocol between EODP and BDU was signed in Kuwait in 2022. The Cooperation Protocol was signed by Vice President Nalan Ozkan on behalf of BDU and President Dr. Mohamed Al Araby on behalf of EODP.

Musa Karademir, Nalan Ozkan and Erdal Can Alkoclar, They carried out joint studies with many national and international aid organizations. Within the scope of social responsibility projects; They conducted activities on issues such as gender equality, children’s rights, disadvantaged groups, refugees, climate change, protection of consumer rights, digital transformation and sustainable development.

EODP (European Organization for Development and Peace) For the internationally respected and reliable works of Musa Karademir, Nalan Ozkan and Erdal Can Alkoclar, they approved the establishment of the Turkey Office.