BDU Attended the Opening Ceremony of TIMBIR

The opening of the Istanbul Centre of the Turkish Internet Media Union (TIMBIR), which was established by Presidential Decree, was held in Kanal 34 studio with a distinguished group of guests.

The first opening speech of TIMBIR, which has more than 2 thousand internet media news websites as members, was made by Adil Kocalan, Vice President of TIMBIR and President of Istanbul Federation of Journalists.

Then, President Dr. Suleyman Basa went up to the rostrum and explained the establishment process.

After the speeches, the ribbon was cut and a cocktail was organised. The cocktail was attended by journalists, senior executives of political parties, presidents and executives of non-governmental organisations, academicians and business people.

TIMBIR is currently continuing its organisation activities in 81 provinces and 23 countries.

As it is known, BDU signed a “Cooperation Protocol” with Starmedya Group President Adil Kocalan in February. In this context, joint projects will be carried out between BDU and TIMBIR.