Commercial Diplomacy Attack from BDU

A Strong Bond Established Between Kuwait & Turkiye.

ZONE Company, one of the largest organisation companies in Kuwait, signed a ‘cooperation protocol’ with GBC Company for all the fairs to be organised in Kuwait in 2024-2025. The protocol was signed by Nalan Ozkan (Vice President of BDU) and Hameeda Hussain on behalf of GBC and Abdulrahman Sajer on behalf of Zone.

Turkish Companies will go to Kuwait Fairs with GBC.

According to the agreement, only GBC Company will be authorised to ‘bring companies’ from Turkiye to the international fairs to be organised by ZONE Company in Kuwait. BDU Diplomats Union will also be the ‘solution partner’ of GBC in the field of commercial diplomacy. Hera Agency owner and BDU Fair Co-ordinator Mrs. Gulsum Kaya will manage the activities in Turkiye.