Training Seminar by BDU United Nations Grants and Projects Coordinator Musa Akgun

In cooperation with BDU-UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), we are working to operate the capacities of Municipalities and non-governmental organizations to manage the different disputes that they may experience while providing social services to different communities.

We prepared the “Capacity Needs Assesment in the Field of Conflict Management” report, based on an intensive field research, in which we analyze the conflicts experienced by the municipality and NGO employees and the service product of immigration, based on an intensive field research, and which covers the capacity building areas for the characteristics and resolution of the conflicts. Based on its results, we developed the “Conflict / Conflict Resolution and Techniques Training Kit”.

We continue our work with “Conflict Management Training” and “Capacity Building Training” for employees that providing social services in different units and positions in municipalities and NGOs.