BDU Continues Civil Diplomacy Activities

With 3 years of international projects and organisations we have created a “sustainable civil diplomacy initiative ecosystem“. We have achieved all of these efforts with our own means, knowledge and skills, without any financial assistance.

Sustainable Civil Diplomacy Initiative Ecosystem with the establishment of international organisations and international institutions, notably the United Nations, the management of diplomatic relations has become more complex.

Today, the management of diplomatic relations involves inter-state negotiations as well as cooperation between international organisations, civil society organisations and private sector actors.

Civil diplomacy is a set of diplomatic activities that take place between civil society organisations, academics, business representatives, cultural institutions and individuals, as well as between states.

This type of diplomacy goes beyond traditional diplomatic channels and aims to promote peace, increase cultural understanding, promote sustainable development and defend human rights. Civilian Diplomacy has a wide range of activities such as diplomacy, peacekeeping, international security, economic co-operation and human rights.

BDU, which has been active in the fields of civil diplomacy dissemination and commercial diplomacy since its establishment, strives to create value on a global scale.

It creates a ‘Civil Diplomacy Network’ by bringing together diplomacy networks (civil and public diplomacy), commercial networks (chambers of commerce and industry, business people NGOs), social aid organisations, universities, educational institutions, culture and arts organisations with countries around the world.

Diplomacy, global mediation, peace arbitration, conflict resolution, international security, economic cooperation, human rights, democracy, good governance, green transformation, sustainable development, one future are the common goals of the whole world. Therefore, we believe in these common goals and believe in working together for a sustainable world.