BDU Made Official Visits to TRNC

Driving force of diplomacy in the solution of political issues becomes more influential with ecomomic growth.  Economic development contributes to peacekeeping as well. Based on this principle BDU made official visits to TRNC to mobilize “economic diplomacy”, In order to ensure the recognition that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus deserves in the international arena.

BDU plans to do “Global Economy and İnvestment Summit” bringing nearly 80 foreign investors from 22 countries to the TRNC between 3-4-5 November. İnvestors will directly come together with TRNC business people, in some sectors such as such as energy, education, health, banking, finance, construction, tourism, agriculture, infrastructure services, yacht tourism.

BDU President Musa Karademir, Vice President Nalan Özkan, and Cyprussi Ahmet Avano BDU Delegation to give information about the Global Economy and Investment Summit; Prime Minister Erkan Saner, Prime Minister Erhan Arıklı, Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu, Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Public Works and Transport Officialye Eroğlu Canaltay visited Nicosia Turkish Embassy Chief Commercial Counselor Hayrettin Yücel in their respective offices.