BOSCO International Investment Conference, in which BDU is an Information Partner, Was Held in Istanbul

BOSCO, which organizes “investment and cooperation” conferences in different countries of the world, held the Turkey Meeting of the international investment conference series on May 23 at the Istanbul Inter Continental. The aim of the BOSCO Investment Conferences, which have been held in different countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Qatar until today, is to evaluate investment and cooperation opportunities and to bring business people together.

The meeting, which was attended by about 250 people from 12 different countries, took place in two parts. In the first part, experts from 12 countries presented information about investment, business opportunities, tax advantages and citizenship acquisition in their respective countries. In the second part, at the “country tables” established, business people, professionals and consultants held meetings such as B2B and B2C and discussed mutual commercial opportunities. The conference was attended by Turkey, Azerbaijan, USA, UK, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Dominica, Netherlands, Switzerland, UAE, Kuwait and Egypt.

At the BOSCO-BDU Istanbul Investment Conference, business people had the opportunity to introduce their companies and products, as well as learn about changes in investment projects, wealth management, immigration, banking, tax and asset protection.

The BDU Diplomats Association, one of the solution partners of the BOSCO Conference, also had the opportunity to introduce its newly established BDU Global Business Network (Network). In addition, BDU and BOSCO “agreed” to jointly organize an investment conference in Kuwait and Azerbaijan. The press advisor of the conference was undertaken by the Turkish News Agency, a member of the BDU.

BOSCO-BDU Investment Conference ended with a cocktail in the evening.

Conference Program

Begum Mermeroglu (QANAQ Consultancy)


  • Caba Magyar (Crystal Worldwide Group)
  • Joao Santos Pinto (Vergi Avukatı, CVSP Advogados)
  • Andreas Santis (Gate Greece Properties Co.)
  • Vitaliy Modlo (CMB Regional Centers)
  • Kristos Vardikos (Consul of the Commonwealth of Dominica)
  • Nikita Vinogradov, (Strik TAX|LEGAL)
  • Imad Elbitar (NTL Trust)
  • Aleksandr Osetinskiy (PRO-Relocation)
  • Кristo Lepeniotis, (D&A Invest Worldwide Investment Services)
  • Jill-Emmanuel Trutat, (Capital Systeme Investissements)
  • Natalya Van (CS Global Partners)
  • Selin Hakki (Creative Zone)
  • Lawyer Begum Mermeroglu (QANAQ Consultancy)