BDU’s First Decision Making Bodies Meeting Held in Istanbul

The meeting of the First Decision-Making Bodies of the BDU was held in Istanbul. BDU’s Past, Present and Tomorrow were discussed. The members who attended the meeting agreed to carry BDU into the future by using their personal knowledge, accumulation and vision for the benefit of BDU. The meeting started with the presentation of President Musa Karademir evaluating the 16-month process. Then, Vice President Nalan Özkan talked about his contacts abroad on behalf of BDU. Murat Erkürekçi, the other Vice President, gave information about the official contacts and meetings to be held especially in Ankara and Istanbul.

Vice Presidents Güney Ferhat Batı and Secretary General Aslı Gültekin informed about BDU’s institutional capacity and increasing its brand value. One by one, the other members who attended the meeting presented their views and suggestions on the future of BDU.

Meeting Members

Akif Agirbasli, Ayse Kasikirik, Burhan Otcu, Hakan Korkmaz, Mehmet Nuri Kaynar, Okkes Yildiz Özden Timurlenk Çelik Rasit Baris Özdural, Salih Sahan Serkan Genç Yasemin Pinar Yilmaz Parlar