BDU President Attended Istanbul Earthquake Mobilization Meeting

Istanbul is an ancient city located in the first degree earthquake zone. Istanbul, the world capital, is not ready for a possible earthquake with its current structure. The severe earthquakes that occurred in Turkey on and after February 6 show that the bill of an earthquake of magnitude 7 and above in Istanbul will be very heavy.

On March 1, 2023, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organized an “Earthquake Mobilization Plan” meeting at the Istanbul Congress Center. The meeting was attended by nearly 3,000 people, including academics, experts, journalists, consulates, representatives of foreign missions, business people, Istanbul district mayors, heads and managers of non-governmental organizations.

During the meeting, he met with BDU President Musa Karademir and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinator Hasan Akkus gathered. At the meeting, earthquake projects, the contribution of non-governmental organizations and strengthening the capacities of non-governmental organizations were discussed.