BDU Participated in 25. Eurasian Economic Summit

The Eurasian Economic Summit, which has been going on for 25 years without interruption, was magnificent this year as well. The Summit with more than 2 thousand participants, In addition to 11 Presidents at the international level, the Summit was attended by Speakers of Parliaments, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Deputies, Bureaucrats, Academicians, Religious Community Leaders, Non-Governmental Organizations. Musa Karademir and Founding Board Member Guney Ferhat Batı were among the special guests to the Summit on behalf of BDU.

At the Gala Dinner given at the end of the summit, Musa Karademir and Guney Ferhat Batı met with former Polish Defense Minister Adam Bogdan Kill. NATO’s new vision, the Russian-Ukrainian War, was discussed. In particular, political diplomacy as well as civil diplomacy were underlined in the preservation of lasting peace and regional stability.