BDU published a “Message” for the 100th Foundation Year of the Republic of Turkey.

BDU published a “Message” for the 100th Foundation Year of the Republic of Turkey. The content of the message is as follows;

Today, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic as the heirs that our ancestors left us as a legacy. We are happy, excited, enthusiastic and grateful as a nation. The Republic of Turkey was born from an idea. It has reached its centenary year with the goal of catching up with the Contemporary Civilisation.

Our Republic offered us the right to live, freedom, being an individual and the consciousness of being a nation capable of self-government. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades-in-arms, who started the War of Independence, were determined and determined to build the country of the future. Our Republic started with a dream and was founded as a new state with new generations with “free mind, free conscience”.

The fire of revolution that founded our Republic is still burning with all its vitality today. Our democracy, our freedom, our fundamental rights, our sense of citizenship come from the commitment and courage of our people living in these lands to the Republic. The occupation was overcome and our Republic came into existence thanks to the sacrifices of fearless men and women in a desperate situation that was called impossible.

The experiences of history have shown us that for the foundation of freedom, independence, peace, stability and tranquility, we must live courageously and protect our Republic.

The light of our Republic will continue to shine forever. As the guardian and protector of our Republic, BDU International Businessmen and Diplomats Association believes in the contribution of economic development to peace and the power of civil diplomacy. As a manifestation of this understanding, each member of BDU bears the identity of “civil diplomat”.

With the motto “accumulation of the past, hope of the future”, BDU contributes to the world through civil diplomacy efforts and economic co-operation. BDU defines itself as a new generation NGO. Our goals of promoting diplomacy, global mediation, peace-building and sustainable development are in line with the global world. Our determination to work for a more peaceful and sustainable world will have a greater impact and reach through the cooperation we have made and will make in the future around the world.

We want sustainable development, a healthy environment and development where peace and diplomacy prevail, gender equality and spread throughout the world. It is our highest mission to work with all our strength with our domestic and international representatives, experts, business world leaders, solution partners and stakeholders for a world where there are no wars, migration is prevented, terrorism is the common struggle of humanity, and international organizations serve humanity.

While celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Turkey, we are also committed to the digital transformation and In the new order where the doors of the world open wide, BDU will continue its efforts without interruption in accordance with its mission and vision for our Republic and the world.


On Behalf of the Board of Founders and the Board of Directors,


President General