BDU Becomes One of the Information Partners of BOSCO Investment Conferences Series in Turkey

BOSCO International Investment Conferences Group organizes “investment and cooperation” conferences in different countries of the world. To date, BDU is also taking part in the 2023 Turkey Organization of BOSCO Investment Conferences held in different countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Dubai, and Qatar.

The Press Advisor of the conference was the Turkish News Agency. Ahmet Kaplan, owner of the Turkish News Agency, is a member of the BDU. In addition, the Conference is free to BDU members.

The BOSCO Conference will be held on May 23 at the Inter Continental Hotel in Istanbul and will be attended by companies and people from 12 different countries. Nearly 200 companies, senior managers, experts and professionals from Turkey will participate in the BOSCO Investment Conference.   (Registration)